Sunday, December 21, 2014

Animated Paper Puppet Animals ROCK Around the Christmas Tree

It's only a few days before Christmas, so I thought I'd share a silly animated GIF I created.  It has my cute animal paper puppets and they're ROCKIN' around the Christmas tree.  I like how I made the lights seems to twinkle.  Boston terrier, squirrel and bunny are having a great Christmas, can't you tell?  It makes me laugh. I hope you'll have a great Christmas!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Paper Doll Christmas Decor: An Animal & Candy Chain

Everyone seems to love this paper doll Christmas decor that I came up with.  It's pretty simple to cut out and assemble a bunch of these circus animal paper dolls and string them up together on a chain to decorate your home.  I had fun adding these whimsical paper animals to my walls.  You can download the PDF's at the link and make your own paper doll Christmas decor.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

My Paper Art/Post It Art at the 2015 Post It Art Show at Giant Robot in Los Angeles

This is my 2nd year in the annual Post It Art Show at Giant Robot in Los Angeles.  My theme for this year is sea creatures with tattoos.  They are paper art on little post-it notes.  I loved the blue-green color and thought it would make great ocean water for my fish and marine animals.  Which are your favorite ones?  Mine are the paper octopus, the paper whale and the paper sea horses.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas Printables at Artist in LA LA Land

Yep, my Artist in LA LA Land shop has all the Christmas printables posted and ready for you to instantly download.  That's right!  You can get them 24/7.  Isn't that convenient?  I like whimsical art and cute animals, so that's what you'll find in my printables shop, but with a Christmas twist, of course!  Have fun!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Free Printable Christmas Card: Cute Candy Canes

A free printable Christmas Card for those of us who still enjoy this tradition.  Big candy canes, anyone?

Does anyone still send Christmas cards?  I think I still get a few and when I do, I'm thrilled to receive them.  I know I don't send or receive as many as I used to.  But if you still enjoy this Christmas tradition like I do, here's a free Christmas card printable for you.  My card is all about the big candy canes, snow and wishing you a warm and happy holiday!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

DIY Christmas Elf Card: Free Printable for Little Gatherer

No, it's not too early to get on with making a very, special, homemade Christmas!  In fact, I bet you have some special, homemade Christmas gifts you're working on right now!  Well, if you want to start making some special Christmas cards, I've got a FREE printable for you that I created for Little Gatherer last year.  It's a secret elf pull out card!  Shhhh, there's an elf sleeping behind the smallest gift and Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer is keeping an eye on everything from behind the biggest gift!  Do you know anyone who would enjoy this elf card?  It's yours to download, print and make at Little Gatherer.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Winged Monkey Paper Puppet Sends His Love: Custom Art Project

Recently, one of my favorite customers asked me to create a custom Winged Monkey Paper Puppet as a special gift for her honey.  She told me he always loved them since he saw them on the "Wizard of Oz".  I thought that was so sweet of her and so quirky of him that I had to make it.  Below are some of the photos of my custom art project.

Winged Monkey Paper Puppet is sad without his worn-out teddy bear and pink paper heart card.

In case you didn't notice, this Winged Monkey has 2 heads:  1 grumpy sad head & 1 happy in love head!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Paper Fairy Mobile for Fall

For some reason when I created this paper fairy mobile for Little Gatherer, I thought of fairies gathering flowers, fruit and all the harvest of fall.  Do you think of fairies like that too?  Maybe, not.  But that's what I had them doing in this FREE, DIY, Printable PDF.  Yep, just hit the link over there and it will take you to the place where you can download and make your very own harvest fairy mobile---or at least---that's what I'm calling it. Have fun making it!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Paper Pumpkins for a Happy Halloween!

Paper pumpkins I created as Halloween cards for friends and family

I just wanted to say HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  Have a great, spooky, fun weekeknd!  I created these paper pumpkins as Halloween cards, but I thought that they could also wish you lots and lots of HALLOWEEN good times!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween LookBook Full of Monsters, Witches and Vintage Inspired Paper Dolls

I created this Halloween LookBook last year, but all paper puppet monsters, witches and vintage inspired creatures are still hanging around and having some Halloween fun.  It makes me get into the Halloween spirit to look at it.  How do you get into the Halloween mood? (BTW, it's my birthday today and you know I'm going to do some birthday celebrating that also has some Halloween fun to it!)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Printable Paper Masks for Halloween: Cat Mask & Bunny Mask

I designed these printable paper cat & bunny mask a while ago, but I thought you might have fun using them for Halloween.  You can draw, glitter or collage them to make them extra special and just how you like them.  They're all free!  Dontcha love that!  I hope you'll get into the Halloween spirit like me.  Yes, I love dressing up in costumes & masks!

Free printable cat mask---decorate it as you wish!

Free printable bunny mask---color, collage or glitter it just how you like it!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Free Halloween Printables: Cute Bat & Ghost I Created for Little Gatherer

Last year, I created a free Halloween printable for Little Gatherer, but they didn't release it until after Halloween.  I was disappointed about that.  But this year, it's up and ready for you to download, print and make.

Free Halloween printables I created for Little Gatherer can be made into a garland for a Halloween party.

When I took the photos to show examples of what you could do with the free printable bat and ghost, I made a long Halloween garland and hung them up as decor.  But you could also print them out and send them as Halloween greetings or invitations. Can you think of any other ways to use this printable cute bat and ghost?  Whatever you do, I hope you have a lot of fun with them.

What will you do with my free Halloween Printables?  Could you use a cute bat or ghost?

Send a ghostly Halloween greeting or invitation with my Halloween printable.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Art Project: Creating a Zombie Birthday Card for My Little Niece

I created this birthday card a couple months ago, for my 11 year old niece.   But I thought it would be perfect as an October birthday card---you know---since this is the month of Halloween and spooky fun.  I went over the top with the pop up elements as you'll see below.

Zombie Birthday Card Front.

The inside of the gift that the Zombie Girl is holding.

The inside of the Zombie Birthday Card.

My niece said the Zombie Girl looked real.  I had a hard time with her.  I was trying to make her look cute, but still like a zombie---you know---not too scary for my little 11 year old niece.  I hoped Zombie Girl didn't look a little too much like Sally from the "Nightmare Before Christmas".  But I think she ended up being more of a point of inspiration.  

Why did I choose to make a zombie card for my niece?  Well, she goes around pretending to be a zombie to scare her little brother and sister.  It's pretty funny to see.  Not to mention, she has a bit of a morbid sense of humor just like me.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Submit Your Suggestions for Printables & Artist in LA LA Land Blog

I've been blogging since 2007 and at first it was quite lonely.  I'm not easily deterred so I've kept at it for all these years.  Little by little, I've become more focused on what I want my blog to be about and little by little, you've found me and followed.  It's less lonely with you following.  Thank you.  

For the last few years, I've been blogging about paper art & crafts, the power of play and my own paper art, design and illustration projects.  But why are you following me?  What brings you back over and over again?  I'd like to know.  And if I'm not quite posting enough of what you've come here for, please submit your suggestions.  You can do that by adding a comment below or by emailing me (artistinlalaland (at) gmail (dot) com).

I'd also like to know if you have any suggestion for more printable paper dolls and paper play.  What would you like to print out, make and play with?  Let me know.


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